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What does sustainability mean to you personally?

Sustainability is very important to me and becoming increasingly so. I think we're at a crucial turning point right now where we all need to make an effort to protect the environment better.

We're witnessing environmental disasters such as the bushfires in Australia earlier this year or the current fires in the USA and whether we want to believe it or not these are caused, or at least fuelled, by climate change.

On a more personal level, I've recently become a parent, and I'm growingly concerned about how we intend to leave the environment for future generations. I want my son to enjoy the outdoors the same way I did growing up.

Why is it essential for your company to integrate sustainability?

As a collective, the team at Attaquer have a responsibility to work consciously, integrating sustainability into everything we do. From a business perspective sustainability has its financial benefits too with consumers becoming more environmentally conscious themselves and being more likely to associate and remain loyal to brands that incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into its business.

How is your company incorporating sustainability, to tackle climate warming issues?

Attaquer is only a small business with a small team but at an office level we recycle, are energy conscious, leave our cars at home and ride to work when we can, etc. On a larger scale we're always looking at ways to improve our products to be more environmentally friendly, for example our entire A-Line range is now manufactured from fabrics using 30% recycled materials. The biggest killer for any business though is packaging and that's been a key focus for us in recent times, switching to fully compostable bags for over 90% of our garments AND our shipping bags too. Our aim is for our customer to receive and unpack their order, enjoy the highest quality apparel built to last, and leave no trace.