How to compost

You've now received your OSP compostable packaging, and we hope you have enjoyed it, but its time for it to go and turn into soil.
Scroll down & follow our step to step guide.

What is compost?

Compost is made from decayed, organic materials, like food scraps and wood/paper products. Layering these organic materials in a tub, bin or compost heap means that the decomposition process will occur naturally. When you add in the perfect amount of heat and moisture, the scraps transform into a nutrient-packed, soil-like substance which you can add back into your garden.

It’s basically a circular system: the foods that we eat and the materials that we use begin in soil, and end as soil.

How do I compost my OSP packaging?


Remove the shipping label and adhesive strip and cut up your Eco Mailer Compostable Satchel or Zip Seal Compostable Bag into small pieces.


Place the cut-up scraps into your composting system.


Allow OSP products to degrade naturally. It will take 90-180 days depending on the system used and the conditions!

Our packaging is made from plants, not plastic – which allows you to dispose of your plastic packaging in a truly innovative and sustainable way.

What can I compost?



Vegetable scraps, fruit peels/rinds, coffee grounds, nut shells, tea leaves, fresh grass clippings, flowers, green leaves, Cow, horse, pig, chicken manures – NOT dog or cat, Lucerne hay.



Dry/dead leaves, wood chips, twigs, straw, tree bark, cardboard, shredded newspaper, eggshells, straw, mulch, sawdust, hay

Generally, here’s what you shouldn’t compost: meat, fish bones, oil/grease, dairy products, coal, ash, pet waste, and plants that have come into contact with pesticides.

To compost or not to compost...

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