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1. Being a proud member of 1% for the planet - you pledge 1% of your annual sales to an organisation to preserve and protect our world. This is a big commitment. Why was this so important to implement, and what inspired this commitment?  

We were very inspired to learn about how 1% of the planet works and how much good they do for our environment, targeting core issues such as climate change, wildlife, pollution and landfill. As a small business, it was an easy choice for us to make and work with this organisation because, as founders, we believe it is so important to give back and look after our future.

2. It is evident that all the sustainable elements Avenue incorporate, such as in your packaging, having all-natural fabrics, and the ethical approach Avenue embodies, is highly representative of the forward-thinking and inspiring brand you are. Where do you guys see yourself in 5 years?

Sustainability for us is a journey. We are definitely not perfect. In terms of ethical practices, we have so much more we want to do and improve on. We are so excited to be working with One Sustainable Planet, a company that really cares about our planet and strives to enable brands to reduce plastic waste and excess. In 5 years time, it would be amazing to be able to develop our very own custom, organic fabrics, as well as work closely with fabric mills in Italy and Japan for recycled fabrics. We are also aiming to reduce carbon emissions and be carbon neutral.

3. Through this process of designing your apparel, I can imagine it would of stressful but highly exhilarating - how do you guys slow down and make conscious decisions?

Throughout designing our apparel collection, we have made a conscious effort to create timeless pieces that will last. As we’ve grown as a brand, we’ve become more thoughtful about the design decisions we make. Being direct to consumer with our apparel range, we have the flexibility to launch new styles whenever we want and not work within a traditional fashion calendar. We believe that less really is more, and this approach is reflected in this considered collection.

4. How do you guys try to reduce waste in your everyday life?

We believe small actions can create big change. We have recently bought a compost bin and keeper cups for our coffee. We also try and make lunch in the office to avoid food packaging. Luckily we can walk to work, so this is definitely a small way to be more carbon neutral.

5. What advice can you provide to the younger woman out there trying to be in the fashion industry?

Intern! Studying a creative degree is amazing and getting to learn those technical skills is brilliant; however, working in the industry and being hands-on gives you such a better understanding of how a fashion label actually operates. The skills and knowledge we received while interning was invaluable.

CO-Founders & Designers of Avenue The Label (Jessie Shand & Gaby Weinstock)