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Conscious Koala

1. Your business model is quite the genius as parents spend so much money on baby clothes are they grow out of it is sometimes a week. How did this concept come about?

It was while I was pregnant and struggling to find sustainable clothing options for my son. At the time, 2019's relentless bushfires were devastating Australia, and doing something to help with the climate crisis felt more urgent, knowing I was bringing a child into the world. With a new baby needing so many clothes and knowing he'd grow out of them within weeks, I wondered if there was a better way of doing things.

2. The best bit as while you are saving money, you are also saving the planet. Instead of the clothes ending up in landfill, they will be loved by some other bubba, cultivating sustainability as its most refined. How else could you encourage parents to reduce waste when growing up kids?

One of the family traditions we have created is prioritising memories over things. Instead of material gifts, we focus on experiences together, like trips to the zoo and family holidays. Another tip is to find your local toy library; kids can easily accumulate mountains of toys that they have lost interest in, but hiring them for a few weeks from the library keeps things fresh and reduces clutter too.

3. It is stated, if the clothes cant be re-used, they are sent to a textile recycling program, making your business model proudly zero waste - what other goals are you striving for?

We want to make it ethically affordable. We wish that ethically produced was the standard, but sadly, it's not. When I was researching clothing options for my son, I found that the ethically produced pieces were often expensive. At $40 per babygrow, it's not realistic for most families to buy an entire wardrobe at this price point every few months. But cheap, mass-produced clothing has a terrible social and environmental cost. With Conscious Koala, families can rent ethically produced, organic cotton clothing at a price point accessible to all.

4. Why did you choose OSP's packaging solutions?

We aim to tread as gently as we can on this beautiful planet, so our packaging choice was important. We are careful to work with suppliers who share our vision for a better world, and on being introduced to OSP, we immediately saw that our values align.

Founder of Conscious Koala - Christina Lane