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JSHealth Vitamins

How is your company incorporating sustainability, to tackle climate issues?

JSHealth is committed to always doing better for our environment. We continuously push our manufacturers to think outside the box and create better solutions for all of our products. All JSHealth Vitamins are recyclable in your regular household recycling. We use HDPE & PET recyclable plastic to reduce packaging waste and energy costs. Vitality X and Vitality X + Collagen use packaging made with 20% Oysterlean, a renewable source of bio-plastic that greatly reduces carbon footprint. We are also working toward including reclaimed plastics in our bottles. Currently the vitamins industry is limited by safety legislation (as an ingestible), but we are committed to making the changes we can. The packaging box we post products in is made from recyclable FSC-certified cardboard with sustainable vegetable inks for the print and finish, the boxes utilise clever folding techniques to reduce the need for tape and eliminate glue. We have mainly vegan products with our fish oil and marine collagen products sourced only from MSC certified and/or Friend of the Sea certified sustainable fisheries.

What does sustainability/or being responsible mean to your brand?

For JSHealth, becoming more sustainable and pushing the limitations of the industry is forefront of each decision we make. We know that it's important for leading brands to show that you can and should do the right thing for the planet and those that live on it, humans and animals alike. We're always looking at how we can better our processes and do more. It's a journey, but one we're proud to be doing.

What does the future of JSHealth look like?

Going forward we will be launching product lines with sustainable packaging, using recycled plastics and plant-based inks on responsible card. We're looking into further reducing our carbon footprint and continuing to challenge our manufacturers to give us better solutions and work together to create more environmentally-friendly processes. There's lots we can all do and we're excited to take more steps along the path! We already choose ingredients based on sustainability, like using sustainably harvested kelps in our bestselling Hair + Energy vitamin for example. And have swapped to using OSP for our post-boxes!

Has working with OSP changed your attitude towards business?

We love working with OSP to learn about and move toward better solutions.

Why did you choose OSP's packaging solutions?

JSHealth loves supporting local businesses, especially those that are doing good for our planet.