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Sustainability plays a key role in our brand as Mude emulates more than a checkout experience, it's a lifestyle that we must act to protect. Similar to understanding that one drop in the ocean can have a far reaching ripple effect, as a collection of empowered females around the world we can demonstrate that one individual decision, collectively can have an everlasting impact.

Mude is proud to work with OSP for our packaging solutions as a key focus of ours is providing a premium and unique unboxing experience for every customer. OSP satchels ensure our deliveries are protected and arrive in their best condition to each customer and when the job is done, not only do they create no waste, the packaging encourages future life growth by biodegrading in a compostable environment.

In a rapidly evolving industry, we walk at our own pace, conscious to leave nothing but footprints behind. If we were to rush and choose not to make a conscious decision today, we will not have an opportunity to make any decision tomorrow. Behind the brand we draw our creative inspiration from the world around us. By appreciating the beauty in nature, it fulfils us with a responsibility to protect it.

In the future, the fashion industry is going to need to level up as customers become more conscious of making sustainable decisions. Mude aspires to inspire and do so by working with brands like OSP who are leading the way for a better future.

Mude chose to work with OSP as they align with Mude's focus on ensuring the planet is left in a better condition for future generations to enjoy without compromising our capacity to deliver and exceed our customers expectations