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Porter James Sports

1. Porter James Sport embraces continual refinement - in what ways does this brand continually refine sustainability practices?

We know the spotlight is on us and the entire fashion industry at present, and we have made a promise to improve our sustainability efforts each season.

We look at sustainability in three parts; the production of garments, the selling and transport of garments, the end life usage / circular life of garments.

We know if we can continually refine our practices within these areas, we will be on our way to becoming a much more sustainable business.

2. Porter James Sports engages in multiple sustainable practices, such as their products being timeless and classic, avoiding trends and mass production. How do you personally reduce waste in your everyday life?

My values are very similar to those of the businesses. I would go instead by less but of better quality and reduce my contribution to fast fashion.

Additionally, with produce, I grow my herbs (basil is my favourite), buy only organic vegetables and have a blanket rule within the house that no food is allowed to be thrown out (wasted). I think this motivates me only to buy what I need.

3. Porter James also encourages their customers to be conscious of purchasing to avoid returns and waste to prevent fewer emissions from being produced. What advice would you give to all your customers to be more mindful when consuming?

That's a good question. For me, I think to take good care of your garments. Cold wash, avoid the dryer, press before wearing, hang or fold carefully. Our garments will last if you take care of them and ultimately reduce your inclination to overconsumption / unnecessary consumption.

4. Why did you choose OSP's packaging solutions?

I found OSP was willing to work on a solution with me and my existing suppliers, seamlessly integrating (and bettering) my established workflow.

5. In a fast and competitive industry, how do you slow down to make conscious choices?

I think this comes down to mindful decision making. Knowing you have a plan dedicated to improving your sustainable efforts and holding yourself accountable to act accordingly.

6. How do you see the fashion landscape changing over time?

I think consumer demand and expectations for more sustainable business practices will only heighten.

I also feel component three listed above, end life usage / circular life of garments, will see a massive rise with manufacturers looking to recycle and reuse old product to produce a new product. We see this with some of the market leaders already.

Founder & Designer of Porter James Sports - Joshua Heares