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You are known for being one of the only E-commerce sites to say "We do not believe that wasteful, fast fashion is good for you or the environment". The fact that you stand by this is monumental for the fashion industry - what is your aim, regarding your unique position and influence over the fashion industry for the future?

Who better to be the disruptor of an industry ? Showroom-X isn't doing anything other than use common sense in most cases & practice what we preach.

We consider the impacts the pieces we have available on the site have on both your life and the environment and aim to educate our customer to do the same. Consciously sourced fabrications, and quality over quantity, is key to our brand DNA.

We love how you are creating a "more sustainable relationship to clothes while dramatically reducing over-production and returns." - not only is this reducing waste, pollution and energy, your company is remarkably creating a positive impact to our environment for future generations. What other actions are you taking or wanting to implement to inspire others?

We are constantly looking at ways to better our practices and improve efficiencies. We challenge brands to think outside of the box. For instance, a light blue dress we have might not be selling – so we talk to the brand and have the dress sustainably dyed to black. The garment gets a new shelf life – a new customer – and becomes a staple piece. We then get more longevity out of the garment & therefore we create less waste. Thinking like this makes so much achievable - we'll shorten long maxi dresses for a summer's edge and perhaps remove sleeves….... The list goes on. And we are always sourcing styles that we believe are timeless, and won't date in just one season.

Where do you guys envision yourselves in the next five years concerning sustainable fashion?

Changing the narrative – teaching customers to consume less and purchase better quality. Buy pieces that have inherent versatility and are designed to last season after season, or update in smart, conscious ways, and know what you are buying – what is it made from, who made it and why do you need it. We all just need to be a little more responsible for our purchases and vote with our money.

How do you see the fashion industry changing, in regards to climate change?

We have to be faster acting. I want to develop a clothes hanger that biodegrades into seaweed that you can use to fertilise your veggie patch with. I also want us to be plastic free – even receiving in goods within 6 months. Being more responsible in our purchase behaviours starts from the top, so I am educating myself on fabrications and brands that are being considerate in their behaviours and supply chains.

Kelly, you an icon in the Australian fashion industry, how do you personally in your day-to-day life reduce waste, recycle and reduce your footprint?

In my everyday life I try – I'm far from perfect but we buy our veggies on a Sunday from the farmers market with no plastic bags in sight. Mostly because I tried the veggie patch and turns out a green thumb isn't in my wheelhouse (haha)! I am working on educating myself on what I purchase and where it came from –Not just in fashion, but food health everything.

And I am trying to lead a good example so that my daughter has oceans to discover and clean air to breathe.