Eco Mailer Compostable Satchel

Product Information

Our Eco Mailer Compostable Satchel is strong, flexible and biodegradable, our ABA Home Compostable-certified packaging allows you to deliver your products in a truly innovative and sustainable way.

Three sizes, with subtle OSP logo detailing:

Small - (180mm x280mm) - This should perfectly fit a sunglasses box or a jewellery box.

Medium - (325 x 255mm) - This is equivalent to the Australia Post Jiffy Bag No. 2, with One Sustainable Planet branding.

Large - (325 x 480mm) - This is our more substantial option and should fit a sweater and a few T-Shirts.

XL - (610 x 610mm) - Coming soon

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Compostable Information

How It Works

Key ingredients like cornstarch and plant-sugar derived biopolymers are utilised to create a strong, flexible product that is able to biodegrade with ease.

We also print using eco-friendly water-based inks, making every component lighter on the planet.

When your customers place their packaging in a compostable environment, it will biodegrade and break down into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter, leaving behind no nasties while providing fuel for future life to grow.


- Cornstarch
- Natureworks INGEO PLA

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